No two projects are ever the same, and we work closely with our clients to ensure you get an efficient, relevant and cost-effective service.

Read some of our case studies.

Forres Area Soccer 7s

We met the Forres Area Soccer 7s when we became the club sponsor.

Whilst we secured the deal to help promote the Chit Chat PR & Digital brand, we like to work closely with our partners.

Through several meetings with Shaun Moat, the chairman of the club we identified that the Soccer 7s website wasn’t working as effectively as it could be.

Shaun felt the old system was too basic and he found it very time consuming to update it with news articles, match reports and pictures.

He also believed it wasn’t very user friendly and that their sponsors were not getting the best deal due to the layout of the site. It was very chaotic.

We moved the existing website on to a WordPress system.

We created easily identifiable sections which was crucial for the user to be able to navigate around. Whilst the Soccer 7s has a very active Facebook page and Twitter account, Shaun wanted the website to be the go to place for parents’ to be able to access news and updates about the club.

The new website handles content more efficiently which makes it easier for users to find and follow, as well as being easier for the club officials to update their relevant sections.

We gave the top five news articles prominence with a picture/headline driven slider, and created a carousel to feed discreet advertising spots without dominating the page content.

Inside, we created relevant templates for the display of fixtures, results and sponsors, to deliver each efficiently based on their differing criteria.

Last but not least, we created a registration system for members and advertisers to submit their applications and pay online.

The new website is slick, easy for the admins to use and most importantly offers more for existing and potential new sponsors and is much more user friendly.

Shaun said: “When accessing the site now straight away you can see the club news and results, the sponsors can now be seen on every page and it is clear which part of the club they are a sponsor of. It looks professional and we now have website which represents the first class service we offer.”

Green Moray Renewables

Green Moray Renewables approached Chit Chat PR in April 2015.

The Forres-based company had been operating for nearly two years after branching out from being an electrical firm, to installing various renewable measures such as solar pv, solar thermal, biomass and air source.

The owners of the firm, husband and wife team Sharon and Graham and Craig had very big concerns about their website but was also aware that its brand awareness was poor.

After meeting with Sharon and Graham, we offered them a full PR and Digital service which incorporated a complete re-design of their website, identifying stories for the media and their own website, help with blogging and we have also handled various advertising campaigns for both online and print media. Whilst we don’t advocate the complete handling of a client’s social media site, because we now know the GMR team and the business very well, we also now handle the majority of their Facebook updates as well. Since we have been working with them, they have also been shortlisted for two awards.

Our biggest success has been the website redesign.

Green Moray Renewables knew their website wasn’t performing well. It wasn’t generating any enquiries, there was no clear call-to-action, the pages didn’t hold sufficient information, and you had to visit several pages before finding anything worth reading.

Through our redesign and using our expertise in SEO, the marketing campaigns and conversions through enquiry forms, we have produced more than a ten-fold increase in visits and an eight-fold increase in users. Read the full story about the website success here.

On the PR front we have managed to secure them coverage in local online and print media and we got them a live broadcast with MFR – just for persuading them to dress up as superheroes.

Sharon has admitted along the way that she was sceptical whether using a PR company would work. She now says: “I’m still uncertain on how it all works but it does. We are not a very large company and therefore unable to spend vast sums of money on PR and digital services but the proof is in the pudding and it works. I’m now too busy to figure out how it works.”


ABO Wind UK approached Chit Chat PR in June 2014.

Tom Harrison had just been appointed as a project manager for the firm’s Inverness office.

Tom was concerned that whilst ABO Wind as a whole is one of Europe’s most experienced wind energy developers, it was not well known in the Highlands.

He approached Chit Chat PR with a two-fold directive – get the ABO Wind UK name out there and also identify good news stories and deal with any crisis situations.

Straight away Claire approached a local business magazine and had set up three interviews with Tom and his project assistant Jemima.

Claire also briefed Tom on one of his interviews, which was a more personal profile type piece. As well as helping him to anticipate what would be asked, she also put him through his paces in a mock interview.

ABO Wind UK has now also formed a tie-up with a local charity and Claire has been involved in identifying opportunities to promote ABO Wind, such as being present at appropriate corporate events.

She also worked closely with Tom and other members of the ABO team identifying possible stories and predicting any problem areas that may occur due to the sometimes controversial nature of working in the wind industry.

Tom has also introduced Claire to a number of key players connected to one of his projects and she has been working closely with them to identify stories that may help with the development.

In October 2014, Tom asked Claire to work with Jemima in handling the stakeholder management side of one of his wind farms. They continue to work on this together.